Prevent Erectile Dysfunction – Stop Excessive Medicines

In a latest study it is being found out that men who take more medicines are at a very high risk of increased sexual problems mainly erectile dysfunction.

As per the findings of the study it is found out that people taking more medicines on a daily basis for whatever reasons it may be for are suffering from mild to severe erectile dysfunction. In the report it mentioned that people who took more than 10 medicines per day where more prone to have “(ED) as supposed to those who took less than 2 medicines per day.

It is well known that any kind of drugs have some kind of side effects. If you take many medicines then you are bound to have more side effects and in many cases it can lead up to erectile dysfunction as well.

It is more advisable to not take medicines until absolutely necessary and rather go for some kind of exercises or herbal/natural treatments to avoid ED. People suffering from diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, depression are more susceptible to erectile dysfunction than any others. Know more about “

If your doctor does not encourage you to lessen the intakes of your medicines, you yourself should start on your own and slowly reduce the medications you take during the day with alternative like exercising, eating healthy food and reducing some extra kilos.

Two benefits of taking less medicines would be that you would have very little chance of being an erectile dysfunction patient. Also the other benefit would be you can live few more years if you lessen the medicine intake under expert supervision and focus more on exercising. i.e you would be more healthier and would not need to fully rely on medicines.

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