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Benifit Of Health Card

Health Card Solutions is the nations leader in providing customized health card systems to medical institutions nationwide. We specialize in creating an ideal fit of your Patient Identification Card with your existing HIS (Hospital Information System).

Our innovative marketing programs increase patient satisfaction by providing simple solutions to admission questions. The HCS Patient Card System provides reduced admission time and increase accuracy while strengthening patient loyalty.

The flexibility of the HCS Patient Card also permits the storage of multiple access codes, allowing affiliated hospital sites and clinics with different computer systems to retrieve vital patient information from the same card.

Since health cards can be used for patient identification, admissions, insurance verification, payment settlement and marketing – all while reducing administrative costs and improving the quality of service they will clearly play an important role in health care reform tomorrow.

  • SIHC issues a “My Health Card” to all individuals and it will have a unique ID & Password for each and every individual to be able to login and view his/her reports online.
  • Can have online access to EMR with the help of Health Card.
  • Individuals/patients can contact us for any health problems or for any medical assistance.
  • Individuals / patients can avail free Telephonic Consultations.
  • Can avail the benefit of booking an appointment with specialist.
  • Can avail free Diet Plans, sample collection etc.
  • Can avail Discounts at pharmacies under our tie-ups.
  • Can avail discounts at labs under the panel of SIHC.
  • Can avail discounts on IPD/OPD charges at certain hospitals.
  • Can avail discount at Health Gyms.
  • Can avail discount at Hotels / Restaurant.
  • Can avail discount of Health Assessment Packages of SIH.
  • Can avail discount on Dental Assessments.



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