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Now my days are free of headaches, (with a few exceptions), My severe pain in my lower back is now just slightly mild. I have much better movement of my neck without pain. I am able to move about, dress myself and drive again, none of which I could do…(to read the whole interview “)

“Before trying chiropractic I was having migraine headaches, neck problems, and bulging disks which would hurt me all day long for weeks at a time. I had tried migraine medications, had cat scans, and even had my neck in cervical traction with little results. Since seeing Dr. Ashby I have been migraine free and my neck has much better range of motion without pain.”
Edson Beckett
High School Phys Ed Teacher
Palm Coast, FL

“My health problems include pinch nerve and problems with my neck including ringing in my ears and a pain shooting up the back of my head. I had tried many methods and many doctors including other chiropractors with out much results. Three weeks after seeing Dr. Ashby what a difference I felt. I have no more pain in my lower back, ringing has gone from my ears, no more pain shooting up the back of my head. Also, my family and friends notice a change in me…pain free!”
Julia Unrue
Flagler Beach, FL

“I thank God that my numbness in my face is gone and is decreasing in my hands and that the feeling of rocks under my feet is almost non existent.”
Sandra “Staci” Anderson,Missionary
Jacksonville, FL

“After an accident I had to undergo back surgery and hip surgery where they inserted two pins and fused two bones in my back together. I followed through on the massages and physical therapy regimen but was still limited in specific movements. After chiropractic care I am able to do almost all normal activities as before and a visit every few weeks keeps me healthy.”
Tread Beasley

“I am 99.9% back to normal and I feel great”
Virginia Barnett

“I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone in a heart beat. My overall health has been improving and I feel better and better. My husband is overjoyed with the way I’ve been feeling because he has suffered along with me with my years of pain from heart problems, vision problems, hyperthyroidism, and a list of other aches and pains. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t thank God for sending me here because I know that the most important thing in the world is your health and without that you have nothing. Thank you Dr. Ashby for doing what you do.”
Christina Mills, Homemaker
Atlanta, GA

“Had lower back pains and now…No More Pain!”
Jennifer Leary, Surfer
Flagler Beach, FL

“Following a car accident I ended up with my arms and hands going numb. I also had tremendous neck pain. My health has changed since chiropractic care, I have no more numbness or neck pain. I also came in with a headache which I have occasionally and told Dr. Ashby. He did a gently treatment and immediately got rid of it and I haven’t had one since.”
Gail Anderson, Nurse
Palm Coast FL

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