Accepting Accutane Cases Nationwide

Since receiving FDA approval in the 1980s, the popular acne medication Accutane has been associated with a long list of serious adverse side effects, including:

Due to the litany of dangerous conditions associated with the consumption Accutane, Roche Pharmaceuticals recalled the drug in 2009. The pharmaceutical manufacturer did not state these adverse side effects as the motivation behind the recall. Instead, they cited the increased competition from generic alternatives and the vast expense of costly Accutane lawsuits as the cause.

Accutane Lawsuits

Currently, there are thousands of Accutane lawsuits pending against Roche Pharmaceuticals. Plaintiffs in these cases claim that Roche did not adequately warn consumers of the dangerous side effects associated with the acne medication.

The pharmaceutical injury lawyers at Hagens Berman are currently accepting cases from individuals nationwide who have suffered a serious injury from their consumption of Accutane. Our attorneys have handled a variety of high profile pharmaceutical injury cases against the manufacturers of Vioxx and Celebrex, helping our clients earn substantial settlements for their injuries. Hagens Berman is a large national law firm with the vast resources needed to take on the high-powered legal teams representing the pharmaceutical companies.

Please contact our Accutane lawyers today to schedule your free initial consultation. Hagens Berman serves clients nationwide.

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