Will you be my fitness partner?

I am in this really good place right now guys.

(Which might be hard to tell by the inconsistency of my postings and I want to post don’t get me wrong, but I get to the keyboard and my mind goes blank. Which takes me back to this:)

I’m in a really good place and my mind frame is…amazing! I was unfortunately feeling quite depressed for little while there but things are changing.  It’s amazing what being active and taking care of yourself will do to you mental and emotion well being.

There is one thing that just sucks!  I have found myself slowly but surely distancing myself from some of my old friends. I’m not broken up about it.  I’ve grown up and changed and I’m okay with that.  But the lame part is…I’m having difficulty finding new friends with the same interests in me.

I’ve found my love for health and fitness again! I’ve found myself adding only health and fitness blogs to my reader. It’s just so motivating to see what everyone is doing!  I have to admit I’ve been spending a lot of time over at Tumblr and following lots of the awesome “Fitblrs” over there.
(Seriously, go there, search fitblrs and have your mind blown.)

But Aspiring Ash is my home and I need to start sharing over here what I’m really excited about.  I’m taking part in a few challenges:

But I’m looking for someone to share my excitement with! Someone to report back or talk to when I NEED that piece of cake.  What are you doing to improve your health and fitness!! Any suggestions?

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