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How should I interpret being left out of the wedding plans?

admin | Apr 20, 2013 | 16 comments

I’ve spend a number of years trying to get close to my husband’s sister. I’ve been under the impression we are close; but am now wondering. I offered repeatedly to help with the wedding/reception and am now hurt that in this massive effort I have been left out of the loop where others have been given things to contribute/do. What should I think?

I wouldn’t think too much about it. One of the hardest things as a bride is to try and find ways for others to help, because you have everything in your head: checklists, wishlist, budget, guest list and no one else can really help you make decisions about what YOU want. The bride also has tasks in mind already for certain people, and having to ‘invent’ roles for others is really just more stress. I’m sure she probably has her own mother, family and friends already putting a lot of pressure on her, so the best thing you can do now that you’ve offered, is just sit back and let her do her thing without mentioning it again. Believe me, butting out is a gift many people don’t know how to give. Who knows, she may ask for your help at the last minute after all, when she realizes she needs more hands and you’ve been such a calming presence.

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