Gearing up for waerenga

9:37am, Monday 29th of October 2012, by Simone Kann


Summer feels like it’s here (although the rains are here today)…….

We took 5 horses to Clevedon dressage on Sunday and they were all really good. Donna was really pleased with Sensation who did his first advanced class with 65%……although in his first test we thought we were doing the world challenge medium test……as Donna turned right at C we soon learned that we printed the wrong test. OOPS!!!!! My Fault. The lovely judge gave us the print out of the advanced test and off we went again with a few mistakes here and there. Just Chocolate also did a super test in his Medium for a 67%. Britanica was popped on the truck after we had a scratching in the level three and went well. Donna also rode Oakey for me and of course I was very gratefull, she  placed in all her tests and is slowly getting more reliable in the ring. Cluny did a super level 2 to place equal with Oakey.

This week we have Woodhill CIC for a bunch of horses. In the 3* we have Henton Executive, Balmoral Sensation and Just Chocolate.

We have quite a few Pre novice horses at the moment that will be at Woodhill including KS Oliver, Cooperit Frank, Cluny, Levello, Balmoral Fiddlesticks, Balmoral Couger Pedy.

The training horses include Trilly and Rupert and Blown Away.

Next week we have our own Spurs of Counties  Waerenga horse trials here at the farm, the course is shaping up and looking great with a few new fences that have been built by the hard working crew. Prize money is even better than last year with the CIC 2* 200 for the win and the Novice is worth $350 for the win. For those of you who haven’t heard Waerenga horse trials is wrapping up this year and will be no longer on the calendar. We certainly know how hard it is to prepare an event from start till finish including building fancy new fences each year to keep up with the all new standards of world class eventing  to challenge and test riders and horses  here nationally to prepare them for bigger and better things. From a riders point of view sometimes we are not in a position to see how much work and preparation from the silent volunteers that go into getting the competitions up and running for our sport and US the riders. Unfortunately our silent volunteers go virtually unnoticed without much recognition.  Sometimes we need to stop and think about who/what and where produces the events that we just turn up to and EXPECT it all to be done for us. We all have our jobs and business’s to run on a day to day basis……but so do the volunteers and organising committee’s.


This decision not to run horse trials here was not a  decision made easily, we will  now be branching out into other areas, I know Grahams first rowing competition with his Team he is now coaching went fantastic and it’s great to see him enthusiastic about it.:)) Rowing is very lucky to have him on board.

We have a busy 5 weeks coming up before xmas with competitions every week finishing up at Puhunui 3 day event.

OK off to mow for the horse trials!! J

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