Awning carpets

A carpet for your caravan awning is just what you need to make you feel like you are at home, even when you are away in a caravan. A caravan awning carpet will keep the floor of your caravan soft for your feet and give a cozy feel to the whole place. Buying a caravan awning carpet is essentially simple and straightforward but you just have to find one that suits you, in terms of texture, feel, material, and durability and most importantly size.

Before buying the carpet, you will have to measure the floor area of your awning and the carpet must be, at most, exactly of the same dimensions as the awning. This way, there is no room for undesirable wrinkles or gaps on the carpet. Next, you will want to choose the right material. For a family caravan, something soft or delicate would be a good idea but for a caravan that is used for camping, you might want something more rugged. Most carpets on sale today are fungus and mould resistant, which are very desirable features in a carpet. There is nothing worse than having mould creep into your awning and ruining the whole caravan. Additionally, carpets can be breathable. This implies that there is free air flow through the carpet to keep the stale smell away. When buying the carpet, check if it can be washed easily. An ideal carpet should sustain washing with normal water and soap or detergent.

Our collection of carpets is wide and has been thoroughly verified. We have carpets for almost every type of use, from family to camping to sports. Choose the one that is right for you and enjoy the new found comfort of your caravan awning. 

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