Chirosoma – about

ChiroSoma (Hands + Body)

The art and science of taking better care of ourselves


To simply help you to feel great!


The Three Elements

There are three essential elements to engage for healing

and maintaining well-being:


1. Energize vitalization

– Raising energy and allowing for the natural flows of life force

2. Informational resources

-General information that relates to your health concerns

-Specific assessment of “problems” and possible solutions

-Heightened awareness and intuitive leads

3. Form

-Forms such as plans, strategies, goals, good habits, and support.


My Aims

To make taking better care of one’s self do-able

·        treatment at a convenient location

·        a beautiful office full of natural elements

·        supplying what works

·        results that exceed expectations

·        subtle to acceptable firm techniques (First do no harm)

·        affordable treatments at an unbelievable value

·        more versatility and comprehensive care by referrals to other healing practitioners



1st visit                $75   one hour

2nd visit               $60   45 minutes

Regular visits      $40   30 minutes

(Other financial arrangements can be made)



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