Membership sites

Membership sites can be funny beasts. They reach a tipping point after which they

gather a momentum all of their own. You will need to actively promote and

encourage the early members of your site and you can do this by a variety of

means. Offering a free 7 day trial is one alternative. Another, more effective

alternative, is giving away free lifetime memberships to 10 or so individuals who

you consider to be authorities in your niche.

Stop your complaining. Just do it.

Your authority members will populate your forum for you, they will provide early

content, they will act as advisers on the technicalities of the niche subject

area, and they will bring friends, followers and hangers-on.

Make your founding members your first affiliates and you will find them keen to

expand the membership of the site as that will mean money in their pocket every

month. Not only that, but they’ll get to expand their own audience base.

Setting up a membership site these days does not require
a lot of money or time. There are so many ways to get a
membership site created quickly and on the cheap. In the
Marketing Mafioso Manual I lay out everything I do to get
membership sites set up in niche markets quickly – I even
give you a simple membership site script you can use if
you like as a ‘bonus’ if you end up getting the Mafioso
Marketing Manual. I’ve used the same membership site script
on several sites – including this one.

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