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The grey sky tries to seize my attention, yet I know the nightmare doesn’t end yet. I drop my sword and brought myself near the padlock. Keyhole? No, it isn’t. A huge figure somewhat requires deep and logic understanding. A code is needed. Series of digits, a total of 5 number buttons. What these things mean?

Helpless, I am Ambassadress Margarita and this is the continuation of my journey to the tower of Cheats S30SCI Movie.
I ignored the pain, the loneliness, and even the fear. These excess bags should be thrown for they might be the cause and hindrance to the success of my journey. Now, looking straight in these puzzle longing for a 5 digit code, tears and perspiration were the best reply of my body to these kinds of situations.

Vulnerable Margarita wanted to scream that time for she didn’t knew what the best thing to do is. She gloomily sits under a rock and reminisce the missions she’ve been upon entering this quest. From the six heeled lady into a bloody warrior, 101 steps and 72 slaughtered opponent along the way.

A huge final tear rolled down upon my cheeks when I brought into the idea, a brilliant idea that there is a 5 digit number upon my whole journey, 101 and 72. It might be the answer. This might be the missing code.
I can’t explain what emotions I felt that time, but I know I saw a new light, a lighting, shimmering splendid light that will guide me as I continue walking and fighting after villains going to that tower.

–with tears, this is Ambassadress Margaritaspeaking

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