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1-800 Baskets

1-800 Baskets is the new sub store within 1-800 Flowers for anyone who is looking specifically for gift baskets and doesn’t want to sort through (or be tempted by) anything else.  1-800 Baskets is all about gift baskets stuffed full of tempting goodies for people of all ages and tastes, from bright candy for kids, to delectable chocolates and wines for adults.  These gift baskets ship all over America and even all over the world, though the international inventory isn’t quite as extensive.  Still, if you’re looking for a beautiful gift for any occasion, or just to show someone that you care, then 1-800 Baskets is your one-stop place to find anything.

1-800 Baskets isn’t just about gift baskets though; if you want something a little more unique, then you can find it here too.  These things include beautiful and colorful fruit and chocolate towers.  This succulent pile of treats come in cute boxes and are ideal for people to buy and share; they’re also at an amazing price of only $49.99, especially considering how much fresh fruit and chocolate you get.  You can also order boxes of cookies and cakes and chocolate through 1-800 Basket, which are tasty treats for anyone with even a slight sweet tooth.  Everything is delivered fresh and can even come on the same day you order them if you’re in a panic.

You can get baskets for any occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries, to celebrating a new baby and well wishing.  Every basket is only similar in its wonderful design and tasty treats; but each one can be made subtly different with different materials, colors and bows; it’s up to you how you want to design it.  There is far more selection through 1-800 Baskets than you could even hope to get from any store or gift shop and it’s all easy to get with once-click shopping.  And they are highly affordable, considering how much you get in them, with baskets starting as low as $24.99 for fruit baskets.  Indeed, the hardest part will be resisting the temptation to buy a lot more than you set out to purchase!

1-800 Baskets is committed to giving you the same level of service, affordability and selection that its parent company 1-800 Flowers has become so well known for.  You can browse their selection straight from the 1-800 Flowers website via the 1-800 Baskets tab found at the top of the site.  You will be shocked at just how easy it is to buy that perfect gift for someone special, and maybe a little something for yourself too.

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