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There is some disagreement among
scholars as to the genesis of couch dancing and lap dancing. 
There is, however, no disagreement with the propositions that couch
dancing was part of ancient fertility rites. 
Pre-historic drawings in the caves of Mesopotamia clearly depict couch
dancing much the same as today.  Scrolls
found in the “adult section” of the cave where the Dead Sea scrolls were
discovered further graphic proof of its existence and acceptance as early as 200

There are other examples in the Great Hall of Antiquities
in Alexandra, Egypt.  A rare copy of
the Vestal Virgins handbooks of LXIX BC was recently discovered in the catacombs
of Rome and contains explicit instructions for giving couch dances. 
One of the first archeological examples of early Roman couch dancing is
on display in Pompeii.  The positions of the man and the dance and the expression of
ecstasy on the man’s face they were more concerned with the dance than with
the volcanic ash and lava that covered and preserved them for the ages. 
Another couple similarly involved was discovered in the LA Brea tarpits. 

During the Dark Ages there are no significant records or
accounts of couch dancing although scholars generally agree it was alive and
well.  Couch dancing in all its
glory and eroticism was revived during the Renaissance.  There is an entry in the diary of the Catherine de Medici
describing how she poisoned a dancer that was taking liberties with one of her
princes.  It was during that time
period that Marco Polo completed his historic trip to the orient. 
There is documentation that he carried the idea of couch dancing to the
East and elements of couch dancing entered the geisha culture. 
Couch dancing was suppressed during the Inquisition and by the Puritans
and during the ultra conservative Victorian Age, but it survived. 
Historians, sociologists and others will be delighted to know that the
quintessential erotic form of couch dancing is as strong as ever. 

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Visiting brisbane soon? don’t miss these 8 great attractions

A trip to Australia is always a fun and informative one. Nowhere in the world will you get such an incredible mixture of untamed natural beauty, unique animal species and modern, first world lifestyle with plenty of art and culture. Brisbane is a great place to start your exploration of magnificent world down under as you can experience everything from history and culture, through beautiful greenery and urban panoramas, all the way to adrenaline pumping adventure. These are the eight things you definitely have to see if you plan on visiting Brisbane.

1. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and the Alma Park Zoo

As any child will tell you, there is no point in going to Australia if you are not going to pet some koalas. These cute little fuzz balls are pretty docile, but they have strong claws that they use to latch onto trees, so be careful not to get scratched if you get the chance to hold one. The Lone Pine Koala sanctuary also houses a variety of Australian wildlife and you can get the opportunity to feed and pet kangaroos and interact with other unique creatures. Observing them in their natural habitat is quite an experience. The Alma Park Zoo houses over 100 different species of animals, some of which you can have a chance to interact with (the red panda being a personal favorite) for an extra VIP fee. Hand feeding these cute little furry creatures will bring out the ecstatic child in anyone.

2. Southbank Parklands

At the South Bank of the Brisbane River you will find the Parklands – a glorious combination of rainforest vegetation, grass covered areas, a sandy beach and bougainvillea covered columns. The Parklands are home to the Wheel of Brisbane, the Nepal Peace Pagoda, and the Suncorp Piazza. It is well worth the visit.

3. Enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the city from Mount Coot-tha

Mount Coot-tha is a mere 287 meters above sea level, but this is more than enough to provide its visitors with a breathtaking view of the city. It has some great mountain bike trails and is home to the Mount Coo-tha Reserve, the Botanic Gardens and the Planetarium. Sir Samuel Griffith Drive is a scenic route leading to the lookout, where one can gaze at the city. The view is particularly beautiful at nights, when Brisbane simply lights up.

4. Brisbane Botanic Gardens

The gardens are located at the very foot of Mount Coot-tha and cover an amazing 52 hectares. There is a Japanese garden and a Bonsai House, a Cactus House, a Fern House, Exotic and Australian Rainforests, the Fragrant Plant and Herb Garden and the Lagoon and Bamboo grove. You can enter and walk the gardens free of charge.

5. Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

The planetarium has a 12.5 m Cosmic Skydome, an observatory with powerful telescopes and the Foyer and Gallery have on display a number of photographs and models for the curious science enthusiast to feast their eyes on.

6. The Story Bridge adventure climb

The Story Bridge is a cantilever bridge over the Brisbane River, a beautiful feat of architecture in itself, but the main attraction is climbing to the top of the 80m high bridge over the span of two and a half hours. You get a great view from the top.

7. Queensland Museum

The museum offers ethnographic, culturally sensitive and historical collections that include artifacts from the earliest settlers to items from colonial times. A particularly interesting exhibition is the Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul, an exhibition of fine jewelry and intricate gold work from Central Asia.

8. Sciencentre

Here is where you come to quench that thirst for science. The Science Fiction, Science Future exhibition is a particularly interesting one and the Body Zone is very fun, especially for kids. Available in September 21from 11 am is the Behind the Scenes Tour of the museum, which allows you to see the numerous items that never get displayed and have a rare glimpse at the museum’s full inventory.

No vacation is long enough to explore a city in any serious depth, but these are some great attractions that you definitely don’t want to miss on your trip to Brisbane.

Panic attack medications – recommended medications and other treatment alternatives

Panic Attack Medications – Recommended Medications and Other Treatment Alternatives

Anxiety and panic attacks can seriously influence the grade of anyone daily life. It may happen to any individual, at any time (even throughout sleep), and everywhere with minimal forewarning in the least. These attacks are referred to being the most terrifying and unsettling suffers from there exists. It could possibly leave anyone with additional panic and concern about one more attack, which turns into a vicious cycle prolonged many years.

Lately however, effective treating this ailment can easily be bought for everyone. Including having selected drugs along with prescription drugs. The following are the most widely employed panic disorder medicines today:

o Benzodiazepine – Like Xanax, Valium, diazepam, lorazepam, alprazolam, and clonazepam. These rapidly-performing drug treatments to alleviate the signs and symptoms of attacks. Having said that, extensive-time period use can bring about physical addiction.

o Selective This Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) – For example Prozac, Zoloft, or Paxil.

i This-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) – Venlafaxine, Desvenlafaxine, Duloxetine, Milnacipran, Tramadol, Sibutramine, or Bicifadine.

Other types of drugs used to treat anxiety attacks normally:

o Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) – These types of medication incorporates: Nardil, Parnate, and Marplan.

a Tricyclic antidepressant medications (TCAs) – This would include: Anafranil, Norpramin, Tofranil, Venlafaxine, Doxepin, Amitriptyline, and Nortriptyline.

Panic and anxiety attack remedies are not the only technique to minimize and take care of panic disorders. Alternative treatment options are available to enable people today cope and get over anxiety attacks. The most helpful treatment options include:

Problem management Parts – For example actively works to lessen the result associated with an quick strike. This consists of: breathing elements, keeping with the current economic, making use of affirmations and utilizing reason in order to defeat the frustrating connection between a harm.

Mental and Attitudinal Therapy – Psychiatric therapy, specially altering the believing behaviours of an individual affected by panic and anxiety problems. Desire to is usually to discover and solve the invokes and factors that cause anxiet attacks. This procedure solution may be very effective for treating panic attacks ultimately.

Combining each panic disorder prescription drugs and various treatment methods, if merged correctly, can lead to healing panic disorders for the extended-manage. Nonetheless, talking to a doctor is suggested. The treatment method for use will nonetheless vary based on the specific.

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Frequent drugs for dental pain (portion 2)

It is a prescription drug, and it can be observed underneath the names of Ultram and Ultram ER. The drug operates by altering the way the system senses soreness.

Use As Prescribed

Taking analgesics to reduce your pain is easy-simply just stick to the recommendations of your medical professional. Usually, Tramadol is taken every four-6 hours as desired, and it can be taken either with or without having food. This pain reliever arrives only in the tablet kind.

In order to minimize your agony with painkillers, it is important to get the tablets as directed. Instead of staying chewed, crushed, or split. Snorting or injecting Tramadol could consequence in death.

A Everyday Dosage

Pain relief depends on taking a day by day dosage. Your physician will prescribe a dosage of Tramadol that is correct for your situations. Usually, your physician will begin your medication time period on a very low dose of the drug, and will steadily increase your dosage.

Regardless of your dosage, it is essential to comply with your doctor’s directions when taking this medicine. Taking a bigger dose, taking it far more frequently, or taking it for a lengthier time period of time could result in really serious facet results or even death. Also, if you want to halt taking painkillers, you really should talk to your medical professional prior to progressively lowering the dosage.

All-around The Clock Suffering Relief

Do you have to have agony relief 24 hours a day? Effectively, the makers of Ultram have a remedy for you! Ultram ER extended-release tablets are supposed to get started relieving pain various several hours after the tablets are initial digested. These tablets are excellent for persons who need to have ache relief overnight.

Don’t Do It By yourself

Tramadol is an outstanding selection for suffering relief in a range of cases. Even so, to keep safe, it is incredibly necessary to check with your doctor every action of the way. Only with the advice of your doctor-in choosing a dosage and schedule that are proper for you-will you be ready to live a protected and discomfort-free of charge lifetime.

In element 1, nonnarcotic discomfort drugs for dental ache are mentioned. Dentists use these medicines for relieving mild to moderate oral discomfort. This write-up describes the narcotic medications. For moderate to extreme dental agony, the average medicines are:

o Tramadol (Ultram), 50mg just about every six hours as needed for discomfort.

o Tramadol with acetaminophen (Ultracet, containing 37.five mg tramadol hydrochloride and 325 mg acetaminophen), a person table just about every 6 hours as needed for ache.

o Acetaminophen (Tylenol#4, containing 60 mg Codeine Phosphate and 300 mg Acetaminophen), 1 table any 4-six several hours as required for ache.

For extreme discomfort, opioid mixtures are advised. For instance, an individual Vicodin ES (10 mg hydrocodone and 750 mg acetaminophen), can be taken any 4-6 hrs as needed for soreness.

Opioids: Opioids are narcotic agents that act on the central nervous program. Aspect results-such as nausea, constipation, dizziness, sedation and respiratory depression-are prevalent with opioid therapy. Nevertheless, the relative threat of opioidlike aspect results varies.

Although opioids as a class are powerful dental soreness reliever, some generally employed formulas demonstrate very poor efficacy for dental agony.

Overnight tramadol

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Missing… | the third place


Posted on 29 March 2010 by Kevin

So what do you do when your group members go missing? Every small group leader deals with less-than-ideal commitment from certain group members from time-to-time. We’ve found that the Amber Alert, milk cartons and guilt trips don’t work to increase the commitment of your group members.

I recently posed the question to our apprentice leaders taking our Turbo Small Group Leader Training. Here are a couple ideas they came up as ways to increase commitment of group members when their attendance is hit or miss.

  • Personal Connections: reach out to them personally via text, email and a phone call.
  • Give Them Responsibility: ask them to help coordinate, bring food or even host one week.
  • Always Invite, Never Guilt: keep them included on emails to the whole group, always including them even if you haven’t seen them in a month. Never use guilt and never assume their “not coming back” until they vocalize that to you.
  • Build Community Around Them: never let a group members lack of commitment affect the overall group – keep building on what is working. Use prayer requests and next step discussions as a way to follow up when you do see them.

I think those are a great start to the discussion, but what have you done to increase the commitment of your hit-or-miss group members? What have you tried, what worked, what could you try?

The aspiring songwriter publications

“The Princeton Songwriters Webzine”:

This webzine contains news, articles, links, resources, interviews and more about songwriter and the songwriting business. Updated frequently, it also contains the meeting schedule for The Princeton NJ Chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association, International (NSAI) and the monthly “This Business of Music” lecture series/open mic at the Corner Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ. This series features area and visiting music business professionals and it is open to the public.

Following the lecture is the Spook Handy Show Open Mic, the longest-running open mic in New Jersey.

“The Princeton Songwriters E-NewsLetter”:

This monthly e-newsletter features music/business events in the New Jersey metropolitan area, resources, links, and more. Subscriptions are free through the Princeton Songwriters webzine. In addition, the newsletter features meetings, events and happenings sponsored by The Princeton NJ Chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI). See the PrincetonSongwriters link below for more information about the webzine, the newsletter and the open mic.

“Words to Write By”:

This website features creativity exercises for the busy songwriter and other “creatives.” Each month a new posting contains quotes, essays and creativity exercises directed to developing and nurturing your inner muse. See the WordsToWriteBy link on the Home Page for more information.

“Barbara Harley News”:

This newsletter is chronicling the making of “Barbara Harley: First Glance,” an independent pop-country CD featuring artist/songwriter Barbara Harley. Visit the link for Barbara Harley CD on our home page for more information about the newsletter and the CD project. See the BarbaraHarleyCD link on the Home Page for more information.

“Easy Country Radio”: was created to provide country music listeners with a new format. The new net radio station, which is in its infancy, will feature music from established country stars, emerging country artists, independent country artists and performing songwriters in the country genre. The mix of music will be geared towards adult listeners.

Right now, is featuring the music of Barbara Harley’s “First Glance” CD. Drop by and listen by clicking on the EasyCountryRadio link below.

Questions and suggestions can be e-mailed to Anne Freeman, President of The Aspiring Songwriter at the e-mail below.

Copyright 2001 The Aspiring Songwriter

The Princeton Songwriters Webzine, The Princeton Songwriters E-NewsLetter, Words to Write By, and Easy Country Radio are services marks of The Aspiring Songwriter. Barbara Harley News is a service mark of Barbara Harley.

Welcome to butterflies at large

Spiritual Essences

Living Now

We learn from the collective consciousness to think of our past or our future,
consequently we are living in those thoughts which are creating the past or
the future, yet are we living? No, for to live in past thoughts or future thoughts
leaves us nowhere, for we can only really live in this very moment. It is now
that we create and the past does not exist now any more than the future does,
in this moment. Now don’t confuse thinking of the future with visualization,
which is practiced to assist in creating what you are intending.

How do we handle
this living in the now? We have to begin to change our thinking so that we
are present and aware of our experience now. Actually it is quite extraordinary
to be present in this moment for you will see and hear what is going on rather
than only being partially present and floating through your days without
sensing your world around you.

By living in the now you have the opportunity
to participate in life rather than stand on the sideline and wonder what
it would be like to take part in an extraordinary adventure.
You will become the adventure!

Recommended reading:
“The Power Of Now”
by Eckhart Tolle

An extraordinary accurate book.

Now is the most important moment you have and the majority
of us spend it talking about what happened earlier in the day, week or even
years ago. Then too we may dally on, what if tomorrow or next week, or next
month, which is rubbish for they do not exist yet and if they are thoughts
connected with worry you are definitely drawing worrisome possibilities to

In short we waste our lives if we do not live in this
moment, and to do so may bring challenges that we recognize and grasp as they
come our
way, for we are present and living in the now.

Suggested use: choose to live now and place
5 drops under your tongue. You are giving yourself one of your greatest gifts
– awareness. Congratulations!


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