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Living Now

We learn from the collective consciousness to think of our past or our future,
consequently we are living in those thoughts which are creating the past or
the future, yet are we living? No, for to live in past thoughts or future thoughts
leaves us nowhere, for we can only really live in this very moment. It is now
that we create and the past does not exist now any more than the future does,
in this moment. Now don’t confuse thinking of the future with visualization,
which is practiced to assist in creating what you are intending.

How do we handle
this living in the now? We have to begin to change our thinking so that we
are present and aware of our experience now. Actually it is quite extraordinary
to be present in this moment for you will see and hear what is going on rather
than only being partially present and floating through your days without
sensing your world around you.

By living in the now you have the opportunity
to participate in life rather than stand on the sideline and wonder what
it would be like to take part in an extraordinary adventure.
You will become the adventure!

Recommended reading:
“The Power Of Now”
by Eckhart Tolle

An extraordinary accurate book.

Now is the most important moment you have and the majority
of us spend it talking about what happened earlier in the day, week or even
years ago. Then too we may dally on, what if tomorrow or next week, or next
month, which is rubbish for they do not exist yet and if they are thoughts
connected with worry you are definitely drawing worrisome possibilities to

In short we waste our lives if we do not live in this
moment, and to do so may bring challenges that we recognize and grasp as they
come our
way, for we are present and living in the now.

Suggested use: choose to live now and place
5 drops under your tongue. You are giving yourself one of your greatest gifts
– awareness. Congratulations!

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