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Posted on 29 March 2010 by Kevin

So what do you do when your group members go missing? Every small group leader deals with less-than-ideal commitment from certain group members from time-to-time. We’ve found that the Amber Alert, milk cartons and guilt trips don’t work to increase the commitment of your group members.

I recently posed the question to our apprentice leaders taking our Turbo Small Group Leader Training. Here are a couple ideas they came up as ways to increase commitment of group members when their attendance is hit or miss.

  • Personal Connections: reach out to them personally via text, email and a phone call.
  • Give Them Responsibility: ask them to help coordinate, bring food or even host one week.
  • Always Invite, Never Guilt: keep them included on emails to the whole group, always including them even if you haven’t seen them in a month. Never use guilt and never assume their “not coming back” until they vocalize that to you.
  • Build Community Around Them: never let a group members lack of commitment affect the overall group – keep building on what is working. Use prayer requests and next step discussions as a way to follow up when you do see them.

I think those are a great start to the discussion, but what have you done to increase the commitment of your hit-or-miss group members? What have you tried, what worked, what could you try?

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