Colorado Cyberknife's Non-invasive Treatment For Liver Cancer

The Creekside Cancer Care Center in Colorado lately obtained essentially the most sophisticated radio surgery treatment for cancer currently available, the Cyberknife VSI System. This accessory will provide the cancer facility extra possibilities in the management of cancer. One example of this state-of-the-art treatment approach is the Cyberknife Surgery for liver cancer.

Liver cancer or hepatocellular carcinoma is a form of cancer that originates from the liver. The liver is an organ that is similar to the size of a football. It is on the superior right side of the abdominal area, underneath the diaphragm. Research shows that cancer that takes place within the liver is normally metastatic and doesn’t originate in the liver, but starts in a different organ like the colon, breast, or lung.

Indicators often do not manifest in the first phases of the disease. In later stages of the disease, symptoms may include: weight loss for no apparent reason; loss of appetite; queasiness; abdominal ache; weakness; enlargement of the liver; and or jaundice.

Risk factors for acquiring liver cancer can include: gender – males are more prone to have liver cancer than females; age – the disease is more typical in older adults; suffering from hepatitis B and C; having diabetes; consuming alcohol at high levels; and or being obese.

The most common remedy for liver cancer is transplant. Other treatment options consist of: chemotherapy, proton beam therapy, and ablation. One new and more sophisticated option is the Cyberknife Treatment for Liver Cancer. This non-invasive, radio surgery treatment is a breakthrough for the management of cancer.

Cyberknife Treatment for Liver Cancer provides a high-tech treatment that is effective. This special therapy can apply higher dosages of radiation because it is designed with precise rays targeting system. This focusing system allows the delivery of sub-millimeter treatment precision, consequently enabling the individual to experience little to no side effects. Every treatment session lasts approximately 30-90 minutes and most treatment programs can be carried out in 3-5 treatment sessions. To learn more about the Cyberknife Treatment option for liver cancer, visit

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