Hoopla Promo Takes a Tour of CHLA

Yesterday on April 3rd, the Hoopla team went to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) for a tour of the hospital. After Mega Miracle Day, our team was still intrigued on all of the work that CHLA does for our local community.

On the tour, we learned that CHLA was founded in 1901. The first year that the hospital was established it saw 14 patients. Now, CHLA treats 100,000 children annually in its facility. There are over 330 beds being occupied at the hospital currently, while it is licensed for a capacity of 600 beds.

The hospital treats a multitude of cancers including leukemia, bone cancer, lymphoma, heart cancer, and others. Each floor is designated for a certain area specific to the hospitals’ uses. The third floor is the Newborn and Infant Critical Care Unit (NICCU) where newborns are treated and receive surgery if needed. The fourth floor is the cancer-based floor, where CHLA ranks as number five in the nation for being the best treatment center for cancer. The sixth floor includes a Biblio Learning Center, where volunteers give away books to patients and their siblings. The program, founded by Clare Austen, encourages learning through reading.

The ground floor holds other useful facilities as well. Starbucks, an everyday necessity, is located on the first floor. Just outside of the Starbucks is a pathway to the Meditation Garden outside where both patients and staff can come out for a breather or some fresh air. The first floor also shows the Spotlight Wall of celebs that are big contributors to the hospital including formers Lakers player Pau Gasol, Adam Levine from Maroon 5, Jennifer Lopez, and others. There is also an available research center where parents of patients can use the computers and learn more about their child’s illness.

If this experience has taught us anything, it’s that being active with this partnership is a must. This is where we, Hoopla Promo, come in. From Miracle Mega Day, we still have a couple of business promotional items from the hospital that are very useful. We have a tote bag, pens, a CHLA medal, and glassware. At the end of the day, we were encouraged to go out and get our miracle bands. We also forwarded that message to you all, our readers, as well in order to spread their original vision. Even without the business promotional items that were graciously provided for us, we would still be pursuing an active relationship with the hospital because we truly know all of the good CHLA has done and is continuing to do. CHLA is quickly becoming, if not already, one of the largest go-to facilities for children of Los Angeles. They will not turn away any child due to lack of insurance or based on any current existing medical conditions. If you would like to get involved consider getting your own miracle band or even educating yourself on CHLA feel free to browse their website. As this is a learning experience for us as well, we look forward to updating you with more information as it comes our way!

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