Prostate Cancer – Effective Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer occurs at a gland of the male reproductive system. This cancer may cause pain for the patient and at the same time can cause some inconvenience and difficulty in urinating and can be a reason as well for erectile dysfunction. This cancer develops the moment the cells on the prostate gland mutate and multiply out of control. These cells can then spread to other parts of the body like the lymph nodes and the bones. This type of cancer is most common in the United States and least common in countries of South and East Asia. And based on the research of the American Cancer Society, this type of cancer is more common to black men and least common on Asian men. The prostate cancer develops on men that are over fifty and this disease is considered as well as the most common type of cancer for men in the US and this is also responsible for the more male deaths in country with the exception of lung cancer.

This type of cancer is a slow-growing disease or develops slowly. So men who have this disease at times never develop the symptoms that are associated with the disease, and these men don’t undergo therapy and most of the time their deaths will be of other causes. Usually men over sixty that has prostate cancer will die of other unrelated causes like heart/circulatory disease, pneumonia and other unrelated cancers. Usually this cancer develops due to genetics and diet as well.

Treatment For Prostate Cancer
This cancer is often discovered on patients thru screening thru prostate specific antigen and less thru the use of physical examination and or thru other symptoms. The use of screening thru prostate specific antigen may not be that accurate so if a doctor suspects that its prostate cancer, then a biopsy of the prostate may be needed and this will be examined under the microscope. There are other tests involved in order to determine if the cancer has already spread and these tests include CT scans and bone scans. The treatment of this cancer involves a number of ways and this list usually includes watchful waiting, surgery and radiation therapy. The treatment list can also include High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, chemotherapy, cryosurgery or hormonal therapy. Watchful waiting is often used on the patient who has the early stage of the cancer.

Surgery is the removal of the prostate and this is a common treatment as well for early stage cancer. Surgery is also used on the patient that failed to respond to radiation therapy. Radiation therapy is used to treat all stages of the cancer. The cryosurgery on the other hand is the method which the gland is exposed to freezing temperature. The use of medication makes use of medication or surgery as well in order to block the cells from getting DHT, so that the growth of these cells will stop.

The choice of the best option of treatment may depend on the actual stage of the disease, its Gleason score and the PSA level as well. Other factors that are considered include the age of the patient, general health and his feelings toward the many treatment options.

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