Numerous Colors For Your Custom Logo Ribbon Magnets

Promotional ribbon magnets are very instrumental notably for those people in business. These products can be capitalized specifically to pitch awareness about a certain advocacy or business.Beyond doubt, choosing such gift is a no brainier because people can easily know what you are trying to say putting to work these promotional ribbon magnets. No wonder why it is one of the optimum selling promotional merchandise. It may come in varying colors and each color that will be associated with such product may mean something else. If you are planning to launch a certain promotional event of campaign, here are the colors that you might want to capitalize on.

Red- Red is the color of love and passion but it may also present the color of AIDS/HIV awareness, heart ailment and alcohol and drug abuse.

Pink- The fusion of red and white equates to the color pink. This is the color most popularly known for Breast Cancer Awareness. It is also associated with gay pride.

Orange- By merging red and yellow you’ll assuredly get orange. This is the color of hunger, underage drinking, Work zone safety and leukemia.

Green- By combining blue and yellow you’ll come up with green. This is the color of the grass, the trees and the environment. This is also the color that which is considered as the epitome of the environment and the remembrance of St. Patrick’s Day.

Purple- By putting together red and blue, you’ll assuredly get violet and by mixing it in different ration and adding a little hint of other colors like white you’ll have other shades like purple. This is the color that is the embodiment of domestic violence, pancreatic cancer awareness, Alzheimer’s, Anti Gay bullying (spirit day) and many more.

White- This is technically the color of light. It casts out innocence, peace and purity but it is also considered as the color of diabetes and many others.

Black- Technically, this is the absence of colors. But black is suitable for your custom made ribbon magnets if you are mourning. Most often, it is considered as the color of elegance. Despite the fact, there are times that it is associated with evil and witchcraft.

These are some of the colors that you might want to incorporate to your logo printed ribbon magnets. There are so many colors that you can regularly carry to represent what you really aim for. You can constantly check the internet to see what color fits your advocacy.

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