Mohs Surgery: A Blessing For Skin Cancer Patients

Skin cancer is a common form of cancer which usually can be treated in its initial stage, just like any other cancerous growth in our body. There are three types of skin cancer:

1. Basal cell cancer: It is the most common type of skin cancer which does not kill a person but causes serious skin damage in the long run. It occurs usually on the head and neck.

2. Squamous cell cancer: This kind of cancer can affect different parts of the body (skin, lips, lungs, and mouth to name a few).

3. Melanoma- Even though it is less common than the other two, melanoma causes most of the deaths related to skin cancer.

Mohs surgery is the best option to effectively remove cancerous cells from a patient’s skin. Developed in 1930 by Dr. Frederic Mohs, this technique preserves the tissue while removing all traces of the cancer from the patient. Local anesthesia is used on a patient undergoing Mohs surgery. Minneapolis, MN and other cities as well have some good medical centers that carry out this procedure under a trained dermatologist.

One of the biggest advantages of Mohs surgery is its success rate. Most skin cancer patients who undergo Mohs surgery are cured. Those suffering from basal and squamous cell cancer enjoy a high cure rate. In some cases, melanoma patients are also rid of their cancer cells through Mohs surgery. As mentioned before, Mohs microscopic surgery tries to retain as much of the healthy skin and tissue as possible. This is especially important when the operation is being done on the face or neck of the patient.

After the tumor is removed, the surgeon may close up the open wound. If the area affected is large then a plastic surgeon can easily cover up the operated area. Mohs surgery has given new hope to people suffering from skin cancer. Most people think that cancer (of any form) is an incurable disease. However, Mohs surgery proves that there is a way to fight cancer and defeat it.

If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer then you should opt for Mohs surgery. Minneapolis, MN is home to a good many dermatology centers where this type of surgery is performed by an experienced dermatologist. Before the operation he/she will tell you about the procedure and what you should expect. All in all, early detection and removal of skin cancer cells is vital.

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