How Electronics Have Changed The Medical World

Electronic devices have altered the face of medicine. The present electronics revolution is sure to affect the manner in which health professionals monitor and manage patients and how they treat diseases. This will also affect the future costs of health care.

The effect of electronics in medicine is visible in several ways. Its well-known that the quality and availability of health care depend to a large extent on modern diagnostic, monitoring, and prosthetic electronic devices. These include wearable electronics to check vital signs, ingestible “pillcams” for common tests, and powerful imaging systems to find diseases. New devices like ultrasonic imaging systems and blood flow meters have unique performance needs that can be met by innovative electronics. So the impact of electronics on health care is now visible in this modern age of revolutionary medical devices.

Electronic healthcare is poised to change the manner in which physicians practice medicine. Electronic medical records with unique programs can benefit patients, minimize unnecessary medical tests, and enable pharmacies to send out prescriptions. With the use of electronic communication, doctors can easily attend to patients’ concerns while the Internet gives full access to medical literature.

A study from the Boston University School of Medicine revealed that doctors who utilize an automated, electronic medical record tracking system to check on patients with an abnormal Pap test can increase patient safety and care compared to those who rely on conventional monitoring methods.

Researchers say that cervical cancer screening with a Pap test will only succeed with the proper follow-up rate. If a patient has a Pap test but fails to receive the appropriate follow-up for an abnormal result, that patient misses the chance to prevent or treat pre-cancerous lesions or cervical cancer, making the Pap test ineffective.

As electronic devices become more popular and advanced, so does the need for high-quality parts including resistors.

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